2814 Fulton St
San Francisco, CA 94118-3924

Found 9 reports:


Multiple FALSE reports of a bed bug infestation at this property have been posted by a former tenant who was legally evicted by the san francisco sheriff's department in July 2011.

-Please Mention this website during your showing or interview and you shall provided with contact information for all current residents so you may independently verify this information and the facts posted by the former tenant.

At the time of this writing, 3 out of 4 of the other people r

esiding in the premises at the time of the former tenant's eviction are still residing in the premises, and have made no complaints regarding any pests.

-Current Tenant

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There is not any truth to the reports claiming the house has bed bugs.

The reports claiming the house is infested amount to little more than an effort by a former tenant to harass and cyber stalk the head tenant.

Exhibit A: Photo of the Former Tenant's Catbox
-belonged to person claiming infestation
-view photo: tinyurl.com/7peh4no
-photographed May 25th, 2011
-this was the true source of the major disagreement between the ex-tenant who is still writing these false bedbug reports, and

the "head tenant" who she mentions in her postings.

the head tenant repeatedly asked the person writing the fake reports to clean the cat box, and the catbox owner/person who has been writing false reports ignored these requests.

The head tenant asked the former tenant to clean the catbox after another tenant expressed their worries that the mold from the cat box would be spread around the house creating an unsanitary living condition.

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all prospective tenants are encouraged to speak with the current residents regarding the validity of these claims.

a former tenant is responsible for the false/misleading posts claiming the property has an infestation.

The bedbug problem in this house is really bad. The house was always dirty, but I moved in because it was close to school. Right away I started to get bedbug bites but I didn’t know what they were until I found out that all the other roommates had bedbugs. I didn’t want to say anything at the time because there was so much drama with the head tenant, he refused to acknowledge that there was a problem and would try to harass and intimidate anyone who tried to do anything about it. W

hen one girl went over his head to the property manager to try get the problem taken care of he followed her around with a camera, locked her out of her room, and filed to try to evict her for fake reasons. An exterminator did come in and they were gone for about a month, but eventually they came back and I moved out. I had to get all new bedding and one of those plastic covers for my mattress. The bedbugs and all the drama definitely made this one of the creepiest experiences of my life.

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There is not any truth to the reports claiming the house has bed bugs.

The reports claiming the house is infested amount to little more than an effort by a former tenant to harass and cyber stalk the head tenant.

The person writing the fake reports lived here but waited 3 months after moving out to begin concocting fake reports.

The person writing these reports put all the residents of this house through hell when she lived here and continues to make her presence known through this unfo

rtunate medium.

If anyone doubts this just ask any of the current residents. The worst part about the person writing these reports was the animal neglect she showed to her cat, and disrespect for her fellow inhabitants, literally not changing the cats litter for weeks at a time, most likely out of pure laziness, and forcing both her cat and 4 roommates to live with her smelly mold laden cat box in the dining room. I was the one who bought litter & cleaned her cat box for her on 3 separate occasions when I couldnt take smelling it anymore. It was so bad that the other tenants were saying they would have to move out if something wasnt done about the moldy cat box. After moving out she left her room filthy and damaged. Why she put us through that and why she is continuing to harass us by writing fake reports months after moving out is beyond my understanding and comprehension.

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Someone is obviously very amused with themselves that they have discovered that they can write unchecked fake online reports about the house on this website. Way to go, you're so creative.

I have reported the issue to the site's administrators, and they are not very responsive.

The facts in this latest 10/12/11 report don't even match up with a real person who has actually lived here.

Why don't I take a stab at copy/pasting some fake reports... its so easy to just copy, paste and edit

Here's a fake report: "Started getting bit for the first time yesterday. I know some neighbors have had problems with bed bugs and have had their units treated. I've talked to other neighbors on other floors who are experiencing the same thing. The head tenant didnt say anything before I moved in... yadda yadda"

Here's another fake report: "This place is completely infested with bed bugs! There are millions of them! There are also mice and roaches. This is a disgusting place! It's all the head tenant's fault!!"

Here's another fake report "First discovered bites in the mornings over the course of a week. Inspection showed bed bugs hiding and nesting in the crevices of wooden bed frame. With thorough cleaning, I killed/removed probably 10 adults and around 20 nymphs. "

Wow its so fun to write fake reports.

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This residence is completely infested. My parents had to buy me all new furniture after I moved out. I moved out of this house after only living there for a few months. The head tenant has a hard time keeping people there because of the bedbug problem, people are always moving out. He didn't tell me about the bedbugs before I moved in. I found out from one of my roommates after it was already too late.

This website performs no verification regarding the validity of the accusations. This is a collection of postings that the author of the website does nothing to verify.

From the about page of this website:

"Because our bedbug reports come directly from users, we can't guarantee their accuracy."

"How can you be sure these reports are true?
We can't - this is the Internet! All our bedbug reports are submitted through the site, and have not been vetted for accuracy. We do our best to flag

posts that have been disputed, but we remind our readers to take things with a grain of salt.

Some reports are posted by malicious tenants. Some are posted by evil competitors. Some are posted by hypochondriacs"

Here is a timeline of my experience in this house:

10-16-09 - We find this awesome 5bd/2ba house in the inner richmond for rent, 5 people rent & move in. All are equal co-tenants (there is no "head" tenant). No pest problems with the house are reported by any of the tenants.

12-1-10 - One of the residents puts in a 30 day notice. Her cat was clean but we had seen some some fleas so as a precaution I flea bombed her room after she moved out and then had the carpet professionally cleaned.

12-18-10 - A person responds to our CL ad claiming ". I am really easy to live with, responsible, cheerful, clean, reliable, and mature. " We later learn none of this is true- she is rude, unpleasant, and worst of all completely filthy. (I will be happy to show photos of the mess she left after moving out)

1-11 - The new (problem) tenant moves in, everyone is taken aback as she completely takes over the living room and dining room with her "art supplies" turning a clean house into her own personal filthy art supply storage warehouse.

2-11 - Mid february, the new tenant with the pile of art supplies writes me a letter (even though we are equal co tenants, and I am not the landlord) which says she thinks she has bed bugs in her mattress, asks me to pay to have an inspector come, and further accuses me of having previous knowledge, even though no one else has ever claimed to see one before (before or after). I tell her no one else has ever claimed to see them before, I tell her I am not her landlord and I recommend that she contact the landlord. She contacts the landlord, he sends a professional exterminator, and they came to the house and sprayed her room at her request.

5-1-11 - 3 months pass with no further pests reported. A separate tenant moves out, and when we try to find a replacement, the landlord decides we can't sublease any more. The only way we can stay was to have the house be in one person's name, and have the other tenants sublease.

5-1-11 - I signed a new sublease agreement with the tenant with the art supplies who had claimed to have pests 3 months earlier. She never requested a further treatment or claimed to see any pests after 2/11. In the lease it said she continue to store her art supplies in the dining room, but needs my permission to store other items.

5-26-11 Another tenant complains that the tenant with the art supplies is storing her cat's litter box in the dining room, and that the box has not been cleaned in weeks. The cat box is completely disgusting, not only has the litter solidified into one huge solid chunk from all the urine, but there is a thick layer of poop on top, and the poop is covered in mold. It is completely disgusting, and made the whole house smell.

5-26-11 I write a letter to the tenant with the litter box and art supplies telling her that someone has complained about the cat box being filthy, and asked her to clean it or not store it in the dining room any more.

6-1-11 My letter was ignored, 4 days later the problem tenant had not cleaned her disgusting moldy litter box. Everyone was upset and disgusted with her, but she did not care, she would just lock herself in her room and ignore the problem she was creating with the smell and mold for everyone else.

6-1-11 I give the Problem Tenant a 3 day notice that she is violating the storage clause in her lease by storing the litter box in the dining room without my permission. The 3 day notice informs her that she has 3 options:

-Not store the litter box in the dining room
-Move out
-Be sued and evicted as an unlawful detainer

6-7-11 - For over a week the problem tenant had ignored our requests to not store the litter box in the dining room. She did not clean it. She ignored the 3 day legal notice. An unlawful detainer eviction suit was filed with the San Francisco Superior Court against the problem tenant.

6-12-11 - Problem tenant moves out in a hurry after realizing she is being legally evicted.

7-13-11 - After the official sheriff's eviction a new tenant moves in.

10-1-11 - No one in the house before or after the problem tenant on 2/11 has reported any pests. Any future reports of pests will be responded to immediately with a call to the landlord, who will promptly schedule a visit from the exterminator.

This website's posting guidelines state "Please do not report bedbugs unless you have a good reason to believe they are present in that specific place. We prefer actual sightings whenever possible."

Notice that the following report was written nearly 3 months after she moved out.

No one in this house has any reason to believe we have any pests. No one who lives here believes the following report is anything more than a personal attack by a bitter, disgruntled former tenant, angry about being evicted due to her own disgusting habits & negligence. This is clear from her first sentence labeling us "a revolving door of transient people and it is perpetually filthy."

The only filthy transient person to live here was the person who wrote the following anonymous report:

see full report...

I lived at this residence for six months, it is a revolving door of transient people and it is perpetually filthy. Two weeks after moving in I began to notice large welts and bites on my body. Having never had bedbugs before, I was ignorant of the problem until after about two or three months of continuous bites. I checked under my mattress, and sure enough, bedbugs.

Before I moved in, the head tenant had the carpet in my room cleaned and insect-bombed; he cited a flea infestation as the reas

on. (The room was still infested with fleas when I moved in.) What I found alarming was that he was not at all surprised when I told him that I had bedbugs. He acted shifty, and immediately accused me of bringing them with me. During the short time that I lived in the house, he proved himself to be an extremely dishonest person in general, so I suspect that he had previous knowledge of the infestation. He refused to go to the property manager about the problem, preferring to remain on good terms with him, rather than help me out or prevent the problem from spreading. I went directly to the property manager myself, he handled it very well, and immediately hired an exterminator. The bedbugs disappeared for a few months, they didn't reappear until right before I moved out. I got rid of my mattress and haven't had a problem since. I would strongly urge any prospective tenants to beware, the bedbugs (and the fleas) were still there when I left, and conditions in that house won't be changing anytime soon.

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