343 Walnut St
San Francisco, CA 94118-2014

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So, it turns out that there are NO BEDBUGS AT 343 WALNUT STREET. I jumped the gun on the above posting and made assumptions that were incorrect. The landlord of the building even hired a bedbug-sniffing dog to inspect the entire building. CONCLUSION: THERE EXIST NO BEDBUGS AT 343 WALNUT STREET.


Something has not been right here since a little while after moving in. For starters, although the lease states that no animals are to live on the premises, ours is the only without pets (that is, 5/6 units have animal co-habitants). There are six dogs and one cat living in this building, to be exact. We are absolutely the cleanest, neatest tenants out of the building and what do you know - we have bedbugs.
In late December 2009, I received a series of painful bites on my breast while sleepi

ng. I had no idea what it was and immediately washed everything in, on, and near my bed. Nothing seemed to happen for a week or so. Then irritating (as opposed to painful) bites began to surface after every other night or so. I found what looked to be a dead bug on my comforter and stored it away in a glass jar sometime in February.
Finally, I am showering this afternoon and see a small bug on my finger. I flick it off and watch it leave down the drain. Then I remembered the bug I saved from earlier this year. I begin to panic thinking about the possibilities. Next, I am drying off and notice something on my freshly laundered towel - a dead bug. I save this specimen and compare it with the other. Then i go online to discover, to my horror, that these were bedbugs all along!! I call my landlord, who has never dealt with this problem, and he says "nothing to be done until the 5th" (Monday). I clean everything, laundering, vacuuming, washing floors & walls with tea tree oil solution -- EVERYTHING but I am still freaking out! I find 10 or so more specimens (some i had to kill while cleaning) and have them as evidence. I saw them run to hide in the cracks along the floorboards and walls......i dont know what else i can do, i think we will have to move out and ditch all of our furniture (including the brand new couch made especially for this place!).

This is insane

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