901 Stanyan St
San Francisco, CA 94117-3806

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The landlord (Al DeLorenzi) and his daughter, Debbie McKeever gave a disabled tenant two days to move out everything in their apartment for bed bug extermination. When the disabled tenant could not physically move everything out nor afford to pay for moving or storage, the landlord and his daughter tried evicting the disabled tenant even though he had resided in his apartment for many years. This is how the landlord, Al DeLorenzi/DeLorenzi Properties and his daughter, Debbie McKeever treat phy

sically disabled, aged people in their building. They only care about the money, renting the space out at a greatly more expensive, gouging rent.

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Continuing bed bug problem. Landlord is resistant to fully addressing the problem. Tells tenants who complain to "move out if you don't like it" and is retaliatory to those who do complain.

901 Stanyan has had a bed bug infestation for years. The landlord (Al DeLorenzi) informs tenants "they can move out if they don't like it." When tenants move out, the landlord keeps their deposit. This has happened to countless units. Recently, the landlord has had a vindictive, threatening eviction against a tenant who has resided in the building for 27 years simply because after complaining to the landlord numerous times and being ignored by the same landlord, contacted the San Francisco D

ept. of Health. For this complaint, the landlord and his daughter, Debbie McKeever have started eviction preceedings against the tenant, blaming the tenant for the entire building's infestation and setting him up, framing him when it is clearly the landlord's negligence. This landlord wants this tenant evicted simply because he made a harmless complaint. This is the type of excellent treatment this landlord gives to his tenants, after they pay a fortune in rent and deposits. BEWARE OF AL DELORENZI of DELORENZI PROPERTIES, they are scandleous, treacherous and vindictive owners who care nothing whatsoever about their tenants but everything about their precious money.

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901 Stanyan st has bed bugs,rodents and leaky
ceilings . He played me for some before I caught on and confronted him . He said If you dont like it.
move .and harassed me. 11/2012

Yesterday told landlord that I am moving out due to the unchecked threat of infestation; he called me paranoid, and said the 'exterminator' (who's treated my apartment twice now) said the same thing.

While packing up the walk-in closet (which I use for deep storage) just now, I've encountered two bugs SO FAR.

Also, the 'exterminator' he's used, who positively identified the bedbug I found on my bed in June, is NOT LICENSED in CA.

I'm moving out, but I'm terrified of bringing the proble

m with me - and I know now that the landlord has no intention of helping any further.

Bed bugs aren't the only problem, btw; there is a rodent problem as well. This landlord is a corner-cutting, penny-pinching slumlord. PROCEED WITH CAUTIUON.

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6/23/11 Bed bug sighted. Exterminator called. Spray scheduled. This building is in danger of a big infestation.

5/26/11 Landlord notified me that the earlier spraying hadn't resolved the issue. Second spraying occurred 5/27/11. Highly concerned that this might spread within the building.


10/11/10 Had a conversation with the landlord, and he said several people have reported bites but the landlord is resistant to someone coming out to inspect. He also said a tenant in the building had bed bugs recently. The longer we wait the better the chance we have an infestation.

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