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Since Aug 2008 - my roommates and I have been getting these weird annoyingly itchy bug bites. For a month or so we mistakenly thought it was fleas and had an exterminator come to treat for that. After two days of no bites - they came back with a vengeance. I got 23 bug bites in one sitting all across my shoulder. A couple days later I found a weird looking beetle thing crawling across my blankets. After much screaming my roommates and I trapped it in tape and called the exterminator again. He ca

me back and informed us we had bed bugs. He flipped over our couch only to find a whole orgy of bed bugs and bed bug shells....needless to say we threw the couch out. (And it was a damn good couch!) In order to prevent us from paying the additional fee for bedbugs (more expensive than flea treatments!) he said he could treat for the bed bugs for free. Everything was fine for about a week or so and then the bites started happening again - although definitely not as bed. Since then, this is around October, we've been finding stray bugs...on the mattress, on the wall etc. However, we tried calling our friendly exterminator to have him come back to treat us again however his number is disconnected and Orkin has no record of him working for them. (Creepy I know!) Anyways, we can't afford paying for extermination again so we bought some cheap spray online called Clean Free or something like that. It's been helping the problem but not entirely - I imagine it's the damn eggs! In December my roommates and I went home for winter vacation. I came back in January to find a starving emaciated bed bug on the wall above my bed to welcome me. After a thorough inspection of my bed and surrounding area I found one dead bed bug and nothing else. For a few days, neither my roommate and I got any bugbites. However a couple days ago I got a couple stray ones culminating in last night where I woke up with 14-15 fresh ones. I went online and bought some bed bug spray and I'm planning on zipping my mattress and box spring in one of those zipper caser things.

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