1730 O'farrell Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

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Two weeks ago, I started getting bites on my ankles that I thought we fleabites from the local dog park. They were in a line, though, so I checked for all the obvious signs of bed bugs, as well. I didn't find anything, even after vacuuming, but kept getting bitten. My partner was not bitten at all, despite sleeping in the same bed and sitting on the same furniture.

Went on vacation for a few days, then bitten before going to bed on my first night back - having NOT been to the dog park since

returning. I'd only been on the couch, so the next day when it was light out I vacuumed that couch obsessively. I found 3 live bed bugs in the bag, total, two with fresh blood in them from my bite the night prior.

I notified building management immediately, and they sent in an inspector for confirmation the next day. It is officially confirmed, and I am currently awaiting an extermination plan and instructions for preparation. The inspector said we caught it early, and there is no nest or true infestation. Just a few rogue bugs. We'll still need full treatment, though, for infestation prevention.

Since we don't buy used furniture or clothes, this could have been a lone pregnant hitchhiker from public transit that laid some eggs...or they could be a few rogues coming in from a real infestation elsewhere in the building. No way to tell.

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