333 Battery St
San Francisco, CA 94111-3203

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We stayed at this hotel on 7/10/11 after a Giants game. It was very nice and we thought it was clean. Once we got home, I was getting bit up every night and it took a couple of weeks before I figured out what was happening to me. My husband did not appear to have been bit at all. But the itching for me was unbearable! Thankfully, we never had a huge infestation. It took 4 months of bi-weekly pest control spraying before I finally felt safe from them. I didn't know they had such reporting sites,

otherwise I would've written sooner.
It makes me afraid to ever stay in a hotel again!

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Found 1 bed bug that had clearly fed recently, but no other signs of infestation in the room I (initially) stayed in.

My wife woke up with over 50 bites from a night at this hotel between August 28th and 30th.

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