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Apt. W1201...we started getting bitten in November of 2008. It is now April 2009 and we are still getting bitten, and are about to experience our sixth spray.
We recently found out that our neighbor, with whom we share an adjoining wall, had a terrible infestation that was being treated in Sept./Oct 2008. Management in our building did not inform us that our neighbor had an infestation, nor did they inspect our place for signs that the infestation had spread. Not only did we end up with our pro

blem as a result, but so did the neighbor on the other side of the original infestation. He was also not informed and only came to find out what was going on when Terminix knocked on the wrong door one day when they came to treat.
We went to the office and reported that we had bedbugs. One of the women who works here looked at my husband and said that they had never heard of bed bugs on floor. She just lied right to his face. Nothing was done about our infestation at that point. We continued to get bitten and finally we found a bug and brought it into the office. I guess at that point they could no longer tell us we didn't have them and they ordered a PCO to put glue traps in our place, which is pretty irritating and stupid considering we caught an a actual bug and had clear verification of an infestation. (Also at this point we had feces marks on our sheets and walls).
They starting spraying about a month after our first complaint, which means the infestation was allowed to multiply in the month long interim. Hence, the need for six sprays. We know of other infestations in the building but management is still trying to keep it quiet. The person in their legal department had the gall to ask me what this had to do with us paying rent. They insist that our place is perfectly habitable-would love for one of them to sleep in our bed one night and go on home in the clothes they slept in.

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