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If Rick the manager wasn't such a shady fellow then I might feel guilty about writing this. But yes, there are definitely bed bugs here. I live on the 2nd floor, I don't know about the other floors or apartments, but I've gotten to know my neighbors and they all tell me they have bed bugs in their apartments too. If you are contemplating moving here, at the very least, get a room with a room with a private bathroom. I've caught Rick in the hall bathroom, with the door unlocked and his pants down

- he was sloppy drunk and had his ear against the wall, looked like he was trying to listen in on the apartment next to the bathroom - creepy!

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I love how naive the person who wrote the review below me is, it's kind of cute. I've lived in this building 7 years and have never met 1 person who hasn't experienced a bed bug infestation. Perhaps the last reviewer is the apartment manager himself (Rick), or has a rare apartment, or perhaps she/he is on so many drugs (like a lot of the residents here) that they don't notice it. I've had people knock on my door telling me about the bugs here, and I've told them, I already know.

The other reviews on this place kind of scare me. I suppose some rooms can have bed bug infestations. Some of these reviews are just outlandishly unrealistic though (and there's one review by someone below that even looks like a fake review being used for an advertisement for some junk on Amazon). I have lived at this apartment for 2 full years now. I have never seen even a single bed bug. I have had 1 small mouse which I only saw once (and have not since seen any signs of, ie: chewed cardboard,

droppings, etc.). Every now and then I'll see a cockroach, but by no means an infestation, just the random one every couple months. And considering I live not only in the TL, but right above 2 restaurants, I'm not too worried about it. Yes, roaches creep me out, but as nice as the rest of this place is and as cheap as it is for a medium sized studio, I can deal. Plus, I find that the cleaner I keep my kitchen, the less often I have problems. Funny how that works. The place has pest control come by once every 3 months (which is optional). For the past year and a half I have opted out of pest control because they come early in the mornings and I'm currently working nights. Even without the pest control, I've only experienced the minimal problems mentioned above. The building manager is a super nice guy who keeps the place clean and well taken care of and he immediately gets on anyone who makes too much noise or does anything sketchy. Considering this apartment is on the outer fringes of the TL, I feel it is one of the nicest, cleanest places one can hope for in this neighborhood. I've lived in some really nice neighborhoods in the past and at one of them I did have a problem with bed bugs. I know how horrible they can be. But, I also know that they can occur anywhere. So I don't doubt that some rooms in this apartment may have or have had problems. All I can attest to is my own personal experience which is that I have never seen a single bed bug in the past 2 years of living here.

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I cannot believe the shit that goes on in this building...bed bugs all over the place and homeless people wandering the halls.

Gross, the bugs in this building are gross and so is the horny landlord who hits on everyone in site. I had to call the cops on him for sexual harassment. Plus he doesn't care if there's bug in your room or not, he just wants some ass, male or female.

Ew. Just ew.

I've never seen so many bugs (of any kind) in my entire life!

Okay so you might think that you will be living in your own apartment here, but nope, u will have a lot of company. There will be plenty of bed bugs and roaches to keep you company, so don't worry about ever being lonely here!

OMG This place is sooooooo infested. I looked at an apartment and saw bed bugs on the carpet and in the hallway bathroom. The guy showing me the apt. just changed the subject when I pointed out that there were bedbugs all over the place. After I left, I ran home and washed my clothes and myself.

Awful. Just awful...

2 weeks after moving into my apartment at 743 Polk St. I started waking up in the middle of the night with bugs crawling all over me. I had no idea what these were at first, until I did some research and learned that they were bed bugs. The manager, is awful about taking care of problems in the building. He did absolutely nothing to help me with my bed bugs and blamed it on the tenants...acted like it wasn't his problem.

Also, there's plenty of roaches in the building


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Uggh STAY AWAY!!! (Unless you like being bitten all throughout the night)

This place is highly infested with bed bugs. I've also seen many roaches and a couple of rats. Complete and total dump. It may be cheaper than other places in SF, but it's not worth it considering all the extra "roomates" you will have to live with. I spent thousands of dollars trying to get rid of all the bugs and rodents since Rick, the manager, does nothing to help get rid of the problem. I would not recomment living here to anyone. It's a complete hell hole!

I was in Sf visiting family and friends and stayed with a friend recently who lives in this building. I was soundly sleeping and then felt something crawling on my face. I swiped my face and turned on the light and saw blood, and a dead bed bug. I didn't know what this was until my friend explained it. I tried to go back to sleep, but they were crawling all over me all night. once I woke up to see at least 20 of them on me. I was horrified. finally at about 4am, after getting bitten all night, I

called a cap and checked into a hotel.

I'd never seen anything like this in my life. My friend told me that he has told the landlord about this multiple times and everyone in the building has them, but management doesn't care and does nothing to correct this problem.

It was a complete and total nightmare. Management must be awful to not do anything about this. Not only would I recommend you not living here, I'd highly suggest you don't even step foot in this building. Once I unpacked I found a few bed bugs in my luggage. I have washed and treated everything, I am just hoping that I have not brought them into my building now, just cuz I stayed a night in this horrible building.

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This was my worst living experience ever, and I have lived all over SF.

Ok so as far as the bed bugs are concerend, they are ALL over this building. I've had conversations with numerous tenants who say that they have seen them in their apartment and have done everythin they can to get rid of them but it is almost impossible. Sure, management will treat your apartment, and that might help for a few days, but before you know it, they will be crawling through the walls, under the door and any o

ther way they can to come suck your blood. When I lived here I would wake up in the middle of the night with bugs crawling all over me. It was sick. I lost my job over it because I worked with the public and looked like shit, red marks all over me. My whole time staying here was a complete and total nightmare. Bad management, bed bugs all over the place, even in the hall bathrooms. Uggh, I still have mightmares occasionally about my experience here. I was here for 5 years, and once I was able to leave, I did! I would only reccomend this place to my worst enemy.

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I lived in this building for 2 years and almost everyone I knew that lived there had to deal with bedbugs at some point in time. It's a very old building, on the crusty outer edge of the TL but it's still no excuse for not treating the entire building, removing and replacing old hallway carpet, etc. Management definitely skimps on pest control here. While I personally liked Rick, I was happy to leave this building and it's pests behind. For the amount of rent you would do better to find another


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Back in 2010, I discovered I had bed bugs. I moved out immediately. Obviously (unknown to me) this had been going on for YEARS. The building owner is too cheap to treat the entire building ... so he just treats one apartment at a time. What happens is that these individual treatments force the bed bugs to migrate to other apartments.


I have lived at 743 polk st for over 6 years and have learned of only on instance of beg bugs. This was from someeone who made the mistake of buying a mattress from a yard sale. I lived in 4 differnt units and on every floor over these 6 years and can honsestly say I have never see so much as much as an ant in this buildingk. Rick the manager does a great job keeping this building clean, safe and secure. Living here over 6 years I have seen the Tenderloin creep up block by block and take over ot

her buildings in the area. Rick has done a amazing job to sheild our building from being taken over. Yes, you feel the TL out and about but you sure a hell will never feel it in this building as long as Rick is here to safeguard it.

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I have lived at 743 Polk Street for nearly three years and never once had a bedbug or cockroach or ant in my apartment. When I first moved in, the apartment manager Rick was very honest with me and told me that a couple apartments have had bedbug problems in the past. He even gave me this scary DVD about how to spot them, what to do to prevent them, etc.

I'm shocked at some of the comments on this site regarding Rick. I think he runs a great building, it's clean and more importantly SAFE

. He keeps drug freaks and lunatics out, he's available whenever you need him, and overall he's a good guy. Yes, the neighborhood sucks, but overall the building does NOT suck.

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I've lived at 743 Polk for at least three years and I've had one instance of bedbugs that was taken care of immediately! I know of friends that had reoccurring bedbugs but that was because they refused to get their apartments treated or because when they did get their apartments treated they didn't follow all the instructions, such as wash everything in HOT water! If you're not going to follow the instructions of how to rid your place of bedbugs, then you're not going to get rid of them!

true that the Tenderloin isn't the nicest of neighborhoods but the building manager at 743 Polk has been amazing at keeping shady people out of the building!
I go to school full time and would never be able to afford to live by my self if it weren't for this building. It's really a calm place that I feel safe and taken care of!

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THESE PEOPLE ARE NUTS WRITING THESE REVIEWS!!! I was shocked to read their compliants about the building I live in. I was suggesting to a friend to move in her and she said she googled the address and this was the first thing to pop up.

I am a nursing student who lived here 6 years ago and moved out for a relationship then moved back in a year ago. This is the best apartment I could afford to live by myself with 2 cats. I did get a bedbug infestation 5 years ago, I am not quite sure how, but

many of the buildings in this part of town do. I think it was because I brought in a dresser I found on the street in the Richmond. The building manager, Rick had someone here the next day to spray after I told him. Unfortunately, it took two times as I was unwilling to get a new mattress and furniture. He also gave me some "Diamatacious Earth" which was an organic alternative to the chemicals and I have lived here for 2 years after that, no problem. Lesson learned? DON"T PICK UP USED FURNITURE ON THE STREET.

I also appreciate the fact that the building manager keeps out the junkies, prostitutes, partyiers and makes sure the noise level is kept to a minimal. I do not believe he "goes onto your apartment etc..." That is a crock of S%*t! This building is newly remodeled and way more clean for the average apartment building in the TL. However, I do believe that the people who wrote these reviews are bitter ex tenants who did not pay their rent or were asked to leave due to their lack of respect to their neighbors, that or mental illness. This is a great building to live in, I love it and highly take offense when it is trashed because some moron is bitter.

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Stay away from this building, I am telling you once!!! Though most of the tenants here seem to have their heads on their shoulders, it will not make up for the loud activity and amoralistic behaviour you'll experience on the streets, just around the corner. I moved in here with my girlfriend because it was affordable, all of the tenants have solid jobs, and the place is in much cleaner condition than most TL places. The manager, Rick, does his job and keeps out crackheads and drug users, howeve

r, Its not enough if you were raised in a 'NORMAL' environment. In fact, it's just outside of the TL, but I tell you, IT DOES NOT SEEM LIKE IT!!!



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Yes, this place is infested. The manager WILL spray and break into your room while your not home, and if your allergic to the chemicals, its a trip to the ER!!!

The only thing that kills these demonic creatures is an eco friendly spray bought form\'amazon.com\' It is the only solution (kleen spray), and the chemicals from the bug spraying company dont work!!!

the eco friendly spray is a natural saliva and IT WORKS!!!!

The manager will blame it on the tenant, hes a

dirty, 2 faced double dealing ex-military survivalist. Hes does what he has to keep his job. Anything from breaking into your room while your not there, to having the chemical company spray your bedsheets while you go grocery shopping!!!

the manager spies on tenants, and he\'ll support a child abusing drug dealer if the drug dealer gives him enough \'weed.\'

This place is a hell hole.



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When I first moved here I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The first few months were fine, no sign of bed bugs. I didn't even have any clue what bed begs were before living here. After a while I would notice a few bites on my body each morning. It kept increasing and increasing. Pretty soon my body was completely covered with bites every day when I woke up. I began to look like I had chicken pox. I couldn't sleep because I would have night mares of these bugs crawling all over me. One

morning I counted 80 bites, just on my arms, and that is not an Exaggeration. I couldn't even work because people at my job would look at me in shock or they would tell me to go home anyway because it looked like I was diseased. This put so much emotional stress on me, I couldn't take it and had to move. The apartment I was living in was COMPLETELY infested, beyond control. I would lift up a shoe and there would be about 10 bus, or I would open a cabinet and there would be bugs. One time I sat down for a second and within a minute there were at least 5 bugs crawling on me, ready to suck my blood. People say that they don't come out in the light, but I am here to tell you that this is a whole new type of bed bug in my opinion. They are not afraid of people, they will come out in the light, they are hard to kill and they don't go away no matter how much you try. The only solution is to move. Do not move into this building, there is no hope for it. I am still emotionally recovering from this trauma, I still can't sleep at night and I still have nightmares.

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The entire apartment building is completely infested!!!!!!!

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