641 Ofarrell St
San Francisco, CA 94109

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The address is really 631 Ofarrell. I was subletting my place while traveling in November 08 and got an email from my tenant saying that there were bedbugs in the building (there were pockets of them all over the building and the guy down the hall reportedly had thousands and had to have his bed replaced and carpet torn out). She washed all the bedding and didn't really mention them after that. I returned in January 09 and started getting bitten. The first bedbug I saw was on a couch cushion. I

began tearing the couch and bed apart and found 5 or so on the box spring. My boyfriend thought I was crazy—he wasn’t getting bitten! My neighbor across the hall said that the HOA had paid for pest control to come out to her place, so I had them come out to mine. I got those bedbug slip covers for the mattress and box spring and sprinkled diatomaceous earth all over the place. But by mid-April 09 I was getting bitten again and I saw a bed bug crawling on the wall (yes, on the wall!). Called pest control again. As of August 09, no more bites. Fingers crossed.

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I'm on the 6th floor, I started getting bit during the prime feeding hours of 5am-7am around Feb '08. Clark Pest Control sprayed after I washed all laundry/linens/clothing/bedding in hot water and high temp dryers. The bugs can hatch 3-6 months later as well, and there can be 1000's of eggs, so some of them make it through and reappear. The bites are horrendous, and I have red marks still in Apr '09. It took 3 pest controls to finally kill off the bugs. I got rid of my futon and bought a new box

spring and mattress, which are still wrapped in plastic. Knock on wood, no re-hatching or any new bites for 9 months.

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Bed bugs found November, 2008- 5th floor. We had been living here for four months and had not seen ANY type of bug at all. Then, at the end of November, we started getting bitten up at night. After a week and a half of that, we realized what was happening. We immediately left the apartment and moved into a hotel for a week while packing our entire apartment after inspecting and cleaning each item, dry cleaning, and washing/drying in hot all clothing items. Anything with a bug on it, was thr

own away. All this is in prep of the pest service that will be treating the apartment. We have also purchased a plastic casing for our bed. When we first found the bugs, we called Landmark Realty and they sent an inspector within the hour. She told us that the neighbor across the hall had been treated for bugs and that is likely how we ended up with them. We wish we had been told about this at the time so we could have been watching or had preventative pest control. This has been extremely expensive to deal with and we are not convinced that those around us with this problem are taking the same measure. It is VERY important to go through the entire home just as the pest control experts instruct. It is very time-consuming and exhausting and impossible to live in the apartment while doing this but it is necessary! It is also important to let your neighbors know when you are having this problem so that it doesn't continue to pass around the building!

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Bed bugs found around Thanksgiving time. Sprayed once by unlicensed PCO and took all precautions such as cleaning apartment from top to bottom and laundering everything we own.
About one month passsed, and we saw another bb on our bed during daylight hours. Still awaiting another spray...By far the most disgusting, humiliating experience of my life!!

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