915 Franklin St
San Francisco, CA 94109-7718

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Hey! Let's be fair! I happen to know that the owners of this building have been quite diligent in trying to eradicate any reported bedbugs, and no tenant has yet been charged for any pest control service. They have an ongoing pest control company that does routine inspections and treatments and another pest control service that comes in specifically to treat any reported pests. As a preventative measure, they even had two bedbug sniffing dogs come in to check every unit! Also, the individuals

who complained travel quite a bit. There's nothing wrong with traveling if you can afford it, but as you know, bedbugs have been around thousands of years and they hitch rides on clothing and luggage. Also, if the client does not do all that the pest control company requests (bag clothing and bedding and wash with hot water (120+), dry clothing and bedding at a high temperature, clean up areas, vacuum before treatment, etc) the treatment may not work.

If it would help, I hear that Neem Oil (they also have a cream and lotion) works as a bedbug repellent (it also softens your skin and has other medicinal uses). If you need treatment, I hear that Tea Tree Oil helps heal the skin.

I also hear that you can spray a mixture of 3 parts rubbing alcohol with 2 parts water on the bedbugs to get rid of the ones you see. I guess this is akin to science class, where you had to instantly kill bugs in rubbing alcohol to mount them on a board for your science project.

Another treatment is to go a pet feed store and buy (safe, natural, chemical free, inexpensive) Diatomaceous Earth. The powdered earth sticks to the bedbugs and dehydrates them. It is suggested putting the powder under the mattress and on your bed frame, under all the furniture and along the baseboards.

I hope that this helps. "Sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite!"

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This building is still infested and the landlord will not fix the problem. They are aware of this but nothing is going to get fixed. I'm moving out, but I do warn anyone who is interested in this space. It's infested and the bedbugs are going to live here forever.

December 22nd 2010
I noticed black spot on my sheats. thought it was from an injury. Then when the black spots started increasing and after finding a big red spot I lifted my matress and found that my matrass was infested with them. lots of big ones.
My building has had several units infested before a few years back. There are several discarded matrases standing outside of the building. I could not determine if they where infested because they have been standing in the rain for about a month n

My landlord has told me that I was responsible for getting rid of them or if he did it that he would charge me. I'm concerned that this policy is perpetuation infestation between neighboring units and will therefore continue to cost me replacement matrass and cleaning.

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