1090 Eddy St
San Francisco, CA 94109-7615

Found 2 reports:

1090 EDDY is infested with bed bugs! The Mgr (Tom) has been notified, but nothing has been done. Lots of people in the laundry room washing bedding. Infected junk, old bedding, and discarded furniture kept near laundry room... NOT SMART, ITS ONLY SPREADING THE PROBLEM!!!!! Will be calling the health and housing authority this week! I encourage others infected to report to the building Mgr ASAP!

Tenants have been saying that 1080 Eddy (Next door) has been recently heavily infested!!



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Discovered bed bugs on Aug 16th 2010. Heard from others in building they have the same exp. Residents should report to building Mgr ASAP.

No nearby bug reports