400 Hyde St
San Francisco, CA 94109-7402

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This building has multiple confirmed infestations of bedbugs. There have been instances on each floor. Since April of 2011 when the landlord Thomas Garber circulated a letter stating 'there is NO bedbug infestation at 400 Hyde', the problem has only gotten worse. In violation of the SF Department of Public Health Code, he has neither properly notified tenants nor treated apartments adjacent to infestations. Instead, he has placed the burden of blame and proof on the tenants, treating units only

when and if the tenant is able to catch a bedbug themselves. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING RENTING HERE: be sure to ask for the exterminators report not only for your apartment, but for the units on either side.

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I've lived here many years and bed bugs have always been here, I hear others complaining to Mr. Thomas Garber (owner) and Al Marbouro (current manager. I have had my lease terminated because they had trouble spraying, SO THE BULLY OWNER EVICTED me (on 11-10-2011) because if the pest control person (Dewey Pest Control) said my apartment was not ready for extermination.

Spoke to a few neighbors; we are all having bedbug problems. Tom Garber the building owner has refused to spray my apartment. Contemplating legal action now.

Same thing thought it was spiders guess i was wrong... Talk to al in the morning.


My overnight guest woke up with several bits. The next day my next door neighbor rang my doorbell to say he has bedbugs and is aware of several other tenants that have them as well.

I had this problem here several years ago and to think it's back again is a nightmare.

I discovered a bed bug on the wall in my apartment bedroom. Landlord said he will contact exterminator.

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