401 Hyde St
San Francisco, CA 94109-7401

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Jan 2011- I am moving out of this building because of bed bug problems ongoing. Managers at Laramar told me two days ago that 9 of the units in this building are currently being treated. I have had three treatments with Genesis Building Services, have gotten rid of my mattress/bed, and the bugs continue to keep me awake nights.

I moved in a few months ago and recently found out my bed is infested with bed bugs (Dec 2010). Laramar has had an exterminator inspect and treat once so far and future treatments are supposed to be scheduled. Fingers crossed for this getting rid of them. But sounds like the whole building needs treatment...

401 Hyde Street have had bedbugs as most all of the apartments in the building.

Plenty of units in this Citi-Apartments owned building have complained of bed bugs. We are currently undergoing building-wide pest control treatment. The infestation seems to have become rampant within the past few months (06-2009 thru 08-2009), but, who knows how much longer it's been going on before that.

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