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Suffering from bedbug bites at this multi-unit building since fall 2012. Living out of luggage and have everything off the walls and any remaining things in garbage bags, unfortunately this doesn't really do much other than keep me paranoid and provides a false sense of security.

I brought up the problem when pest control was treating for cockroaches, but he said they don't treat until they can verify, they need to see one of the little buggers to treat. They are hard to find, and attack whe

n you sleep. So if you are lucky in your hunt and can find one, call your building manager and set up for bedbug treatment immediately!

Have had one treatment, and they recommend a series of three. Waiting on the second one. You have to pack everything up and pack it up in garbage bags and move everything away from the walls and on treatment day need to be gone for at least 4hours. Still got the same week after treatment and continue to be bitten. It causes a lot of psychological distress (hyper-vigilance, paranoia, crawling sensation on skin, irritabilty) Also expect poor sleep and of course the distressing multitude of bites.

Best advice I can give: Report it immediately. Catch one! Wash all linen and clothes in HOT water. Minimize clutter. Put legs of bed in tupperware lined with vaseline on the inside (saw this online, and seems to help).

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About 3 months ago, BB appeared.
At first I didn't know why I was so itchy.
So I have to be bitten every night.

After catching some strange insects and seeing my blood in their body, I became to know why I was extremely itchy every night.

After knowing, I moved away.
That was terrible.

Now, in my room there is no BB.
But I'm suffering from the bad memory.
Sometimes I wake up at night and check my bed about if there is any BB.

My tiny studio is infested with bedbugs!I have been living out of suitcases and garabage bags to somewhat curb their presence. Yeah, it hasnt worked too well... I still look like a lepor.

bedbugs in several apartments. made me move to another city and burn my mattress.

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