534 Hyde St
San Francisco, CA 94109-7238

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Have had other tenants report bb's, we've not had a problem. The building, aside from ourselves and a few older tenants, is popular with younger folks, and I've noticed they tend to bring stuff in from the street. The word, on street finds--don't bring in upholstered goods, doesn't seem to get out. Management is rather pro-active on pest control, and is making an effort to answer the problem as it has been raised. I don't think so many of us would stay in the building this long if we were ov

er run with pests, especially when the human variety of pests outside the front door is so aesthetically toxic.

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Bed bugs showed up. No idea where they cam from. Been trying to get rid of them for close to a year. We rarely get bitten, and have had PCO\'s come and spray regularly, but it\'s not long before a bite shows up again. Our current thought is that a room in the building is infested and the bugs find their way into the apartment we live in. Every time we think it\'s over it seems those bastards come back full of spite. Have done everything we have been told to do, and have read up on the problem e

xtensively. Gonna take a hot shower and move out empty handed and naked.

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