1000 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94109-6914

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I went there a year ago in 2014 and came out with welts on my arm. Thought it was random so went back on 1/6/15 and came back with welts along my collarbone and neck. They have cloth seats that look really worn. Never going back!!!!!

This summer has been a big one for movies, saw Rock of Ages in theater 4 and came out with the "breakfast, lunch and dinner" triple bite around my ankle. This follows up being bitten there years ago during the Dark Knight. I'm pretty sure this place is infested.

Went to this theater on Monday 1/2 to watch the Muppets. I came out with a cluster of 7 welts on the back of my right arm (I was wearing a short sleeve shirt)They really look a lot like bed bugs. I'm really freaked out. Going to call theater and go home and wash everything in my apt.

My husband and I have been to this movie theater twice in the last 3 weeks - both times I was bitten on my legs and arms and left with several welts! We will not go there again, I am not sure what it is but they do have a serious problem there!

Twice I've come out of this theater with welts. Never going again

Saw a movie in theater 9 on Oct 29 and my wife just spotted a bed bug walking across our comforter after I came in and sat down on the bed to read. Coincidence?

We went to this theater a few months ago, and we saw a mouse... That was bad enough, but a friend of mine went again a week ago. He said one person sitting near him kept scratching his legs, and then he felt something burning and itching on the back of his neck. He ended up getting about 10-12 large welts all along his neck and shoulders. He wants to think they are flea bites, because the idea of bed bugs freaks him out so much. I know a bit more about bed bugs and flea bites, and I know fle

as would tend to bite lower -- around the legs and ankles, and that it was more likely bed bugs harboring in the upper part of the seat in the crack of the head rest (for instance). Furthermore, many of the neighboring buildings of the theater have severe bed bug problems.

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