1050 Franklin St
San Francisco, CA 94109-6836

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The Landlords have worked hard to eraticate this problem. They have in many cases gone beyond what most owners would have done to accomodate the tenants. This problem has plagued the city from it's slums to the wealthiest of neighborhoods. Only time and persistant attention can rid a building of these horrible pests. Although it has been a nightmare to live with I'm glad we live in a building where nothing was spared to get things back to normal. The building has been clean now since late April.

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It's March 13, apartments were treated again yesterday, but tenants are still being bitten. Live bugs were found this week.

Six apartments were treated in late February and residents were still being bit. The owner has been responsive. They gave all tenants on the building the bedbug addendum and three apartments of the six were retreated in early March. One tenant moved out yesterday and left infested furniture behind, which the owner paid to have removed safely and the vacant apartment treated for the fourth or fifth time. The elevator was also treated but not the common areas, i.e., the landings. A bedbug was si

ghted on one of the landings.

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The problem at 1050 is being handled but only in apartments that report a problem. Apartments adjacent to infested apartments are not being treated necessarily and some have not even been inspected. The landlord has posted a sign saying that there are "pests" in the building and basically to let him know if you also have "pests". Other tenants are not aware that they may have them and not show signs of bites and the word "bedbug" is never mentioned. I feel that if we're lucky this focused effort

may work, however there is a great potential for this problem to spread due to lack of communication and ignorance about the issue. The problem is affecting personal property, health (tenants have scars from bites), time and money for clean up, and over all quality of life. I have spoken with tenants that have spent time away from their apartment for days and slept in other areas of their apartment,including a someone who once slept in their bathtub just to have a bite-free night's sleep.

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Confirmation that bed bugs have been found in 1050 Franklin in at least four apartments as of Feb '10. Bugs have still been sited since last treatment.

New tenant moved in Oct '09 unaware infestation was brought in from their former apartment. By Dec '09 infestation spread to other units via electrical conduits. Source apartment treated Feb '10 two times, other unit treated once Jan '10. Also found in laundry room - area not treated.

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