1333 Gough St
San Francisco, CA 94109-6508

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Brian, you should yelp this!


Brian, can you let us know what floor or unit type (A, B, C, etc) it is?

We determined we had bed bugs on a Friday at Cathedral Hill Plaza Apartments (http://www.chpapt.com). Confirmed by Terminex Saturday MORNING. Monday morning Cathedral Hill Plaza Apartments staff informed us it would be taken care of Wednesday. Almost five days later. Then Cathedral Hill Plaza Apartments staff refused to deduct even a modest amount of money while the girlfriend and I stayed in a hotel (all of our stuff was vacuum bagged and stored in our car, per Terminex treatment instructions,

plus we both had been bitten enough). We get home, start unpacking our sanitized clothing, and what do we find? Another bed bug. Thanks Cathedral Hill Plaza Apartments (http://www.chpapt.com) management, you truly are as terrible as all of the reviews say. Yes, it's cheap rent, but the Cathedral Hill Plaza Apartments management is incapable and incompetent, especially when it comes to pest control. Truly a sad situation.

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