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well I stay at academy of art campus, 1080 Bush for the past 2 years or so. I havent had an encounter like this before until the rescent months. I noticed bugs that resembled ticks under my bed sheets, so I notifyed my RM about the situtation. He took care of it responsibly and notified the school about it. They moved me to temporary housing 1055 Pine apt 15. Which was suppose to be for a few days ended up being a whole month. Eco Lab was incharge of treatments but my electronics such as my $4

500 Alienware computer was not treated for liablitiy issues. But because it wasnt treated, it was a space shuttle for the bed bugs to the Pine dorm, resulting in more bug infestations. I ended up having to live with the bed bug infestation for a whole month at the Pine dorm. Rumors from the school director of housing reaction however made faulse accusations about me bringing them to the dorms, but there was no such possiblity of me caring them because I was in a previous room in the Bush dorm with no bed bugs. I was insulted but regardless of the situtation, for the next two months I have been getitng the run around from the school about my personal belongings reimburstment.

Just a couple weeks ago i got $290 back for my bed comforter and pillows. The thing is I have a $4500 Alienware computer, a television, and other gaming devices that I own. There is proof that the bugs are inside of the computer! The school held my computer for a whole month while I was gone on vacation to clean it out, I come back and its still NOT clean. There was two Residentail Managers from two dorms aware of this situation. I asked them what the hold up was and one RM respsonse was that he was unaware that it wasnt cleaned out. Its a new semester and I have two computer classes and NO computer.

Now all of a sudden a few days ago my Residential Manager from Bush finds some average Joe to clean out my computer,but for some odd reason doesnt have the information for me on who or what this person does. The Pine Residential manager looked for a whole month from Best Buy, Comp U, but none of them want to do it. I dont want someone without stablity like Best Buy or Compu US cleaning out my Alienware computer incase of and damage to my electronics. I am debating on whether or not to consult with a lawyer on this situation to speed this process up. I need some advice because I dont want some random unprofessional cleaning out my electronics only to find out that there are still more bugs in it. I am very unsatisified with how the Academy of Art is responding to this situation. I love this school but I dont approve of their current actions. If anyone can help please email me back: bdjonny@yahoo.com

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