1025 Bush St
San Francisco, CA 94109-6211

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My roommate had a bed bug break out in mid October of 2010. I had a friend over and he noticed them on the corners of my bed and about 3 or them were HUGE like "potato'' bugs! they were gross and the whole corner was black with they're feces which at a glance looks like it could be lint.
I was getting bitten just about every night for a week prior to the finding but thought it could be an allergic reaction to laundry soap or something like that. I never saw the bastards and I looked because i

knew of the outbreaks around town . but I never saw them. not until my friend saw the 3 just sitting on the corner of my bed.
I threw away just about everything out of both paranoia and because I had too.
My roommate also has them in his room and was getting bitten just about every night too.
We have had the rooms sprayed about 3 times now and they are still there. My roommate and I are now in the process of moving and I as of just last night November 23 2010 saw a live one in my former room. To be honest I am under the impression that the building manager doesn't want to or doesn't know to fumigate the whole building which according to what most people tell me is what must be done .

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