730 Leavenworth St
San Francisco, CA 94109-6022

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2009: Upon moving in on December 1st, 2008 - we had no idea of what we had coming our way...right around the beginning of February 2009 (only two months in), my wife starting experiencing major itchy red marks...this went on for several months before we figured out it was bedbugs.

We called our property management company, and they said we would have to pay for the exterminator! So we looked into SF tenants rights, and infact, they have to pay. So around June 2009 we had someone come in and

give us a sheet a mile long of what we had to do. Basically, pack up everything we just moved in 6 months earlier, and keep it that way for the next 6 weeks! What a pain in the ass this was. Then we had to buy caulk, and caulk our own crown molding around the top of the master bedroom.

After 6 weeks, we didn't experience anymore bites.

Then in August 2010 they came back! our neighbors below us and across the hall also had an infestation this time as well...

Overall, this place should be condemned. It turns out that the tenant that had the unit before us, had bedbugs, but never reported them! He just moved out, and gave us the infestation to deal with...

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