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I had bedbugs in my apartment in early 2008. The building management was responsive -- they immediately sent pest control people in. I ended up having to have three treatments before they were gone, and even then I could never be totally sure. I moved out after the third treatment because I spent so much money dealing with the problem and it was so emotionally taxing to constantly live in fear of being eaten by bedbugs, not to mention the hassle of washing everything I own. I was let out of

my lease early.

After the second treatment I found out that the bugs were coming from the apartment below me. That meant that the first two treatments were completely worthless -- the bugs were still going to come back through the walls no matter how much effort I put in to making the treatment successful. It seems ridiculous to me that when someone has a recurring bedbug problem in an apartment building, the building management would not ask whether any neighboring units have had the issue. But they never asked. They only found out because the tenant moved out and they conducted the regular post-move-out inspection. If you have bedbugs, insist that the building management asks your neighbors if they've noticed any bites -- and if they don't do so, then post something in the hallway or ask them yourself. They travel through the walls and you will not get rid of them otherwise.

Also, I know that the apartment was infested when I moved in (I had bites within days of moving in) but they rented it to me anyway. When I moved out, they filled my apartment with someone new and I have no indication that they disclosed the reason that I moved out. I think it's only illegal to do this if the tenant moving in specifically asked about pest problems, but either way it's obviously immoral and irresponsible.

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