1008 Larkin St
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This apartment still has bedbugs, it is a nightmare, management does not treat the problem they only do band-aid solutions, so the problem looks like it will never resolve. I moved out because that was easier then having to live out of bags for months, dealing with managements ridiculous half assed "treatments" and still getting bites.

Started out with what I thought was a rash in September 2011. It got worse and worse so I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed them as severe hives and prescribed antihistamines and steroid cream. By January the problem was not going away so I did some Googling which gave me the idea to look for bedbugs. Flipped my mattress up and found bedbugs living on my bedframe.

Contacted management immediately who couldn't schedule anyone until a week later. Since then, I have been scheduling a sprayi

ng every 2 weeks, currently on my 4th time, and the problem just won't go away. The bites were less frequent after the 2nd spraying but since then they've been getting worse.

I am so frustrated I don't know what to do. I've washed everything I own multiple times in hot water, bought two covers for my mattress (the PCO tore the first one during a treatment), and have had to live with all my belongings in bags for months. I can't have people over, I have to cover up all the embarassing bites on my neck and arms, it's a nightmare.

I hear this has been a recurring problem in the building and I am so sick of dealing with it!

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8/3/2011 Also on the 2nd floor but the management just did the first treatment a week after I reported the infestation. They will treat again in two weeks. No critters moving and no idea how they got in but at least they will be gone.

Currently on the second floor and have a horrible experience with bedbugs. It's a complete and utter nightmare. They're been spraying my place since around January '10 and it got worse before it got better. They came to spray every 2 weeks, and finally two months ago the biting stopped. Then, just last week, I started getting bitten again. When I called management to schedule another pest control visit, he had the nerve to tell me that it might be fleas because of the 'heat'. I'm so sick of this

place. I can't wait to get the hell out of here.

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I lived on the fourth floor from summer 08-09. AWFUL AWFUL PLACE. My boyfriend couldnt even stay over he was so allergic, he would have giant welts on his arms and neck that he would just have to leave. completely ruined a new mattress i just had the management get rid of it. my legs and arms were covered in bites. It was a miserable experience living there.

I lived there Aug-Dec of 2008. During that time, multiple repeated bedbug manifestations...before the takeover of Dec. We alerted onsite manager. He called exterminator who sprayed. Each time it cost hundreds to dry clean, wash, etc. Multiple commiserations with others on the floor who were doing their entire apartment worth of laundry at the same time (required precautions). Some on my floor have a lawsuit for this. In my case, the bites caused an allergic reaction that dovetailed with Type I

diabetes and became a serious medical situation. I have yet to receive compensation or acknowledgment though I have documented medical records on everything. Eventually moved and lost thousands.

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You are not the only one with the bed bugs. The manager knows that the entire building is infested with them. He just tells the individuals that lie so they wont complain and move. I stayed there in spring thru fall 2008, and I and my guests were constantly bitten. I had to throw away an expensive mattress and bed because of this shithole place. I finally moved out, because I couldn't take it anymore, and lost some of my friends. Now the building has new management but I hear the same old bed bu

g issue. Stay far away from this building unless you are too high to care about a bug bites because you are scratching anyway.

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the problem is,when you only treat the apts. that complain,the little S.O.B.s just run to a place that is safe.they can be irradicated by treating the whole building at once. I have lived here 20 years and i have seen only one co-ordinated effort.Ihave since gone to brownies hardware and purchaced spray that is effective.it took me about 2 months and i am now bed bug free.(yay)

I live here and have been getting bit since June 08' and have had pest control come all the time and they never seem to go away. We got an airmatress which helps to not get bit as long as you don't let your blankets touch the floor.

I moved into an apartment at 1008 Larkin St. on the 4th floor in January '09. After the first night there, I had bed bug bites.

I live on the 4th floor of this building and I too have bed bugs in my apartment, I have not contacted the management until I left a message today...thank goodness for this website, I thought I was the only one. I will update once we figure out what to do.

I moved in this apartment in May 2008. It has been sprayed a couple of days before I moved in and I had no bedbugs for a few months.

In summer '08 (around July), I started to have itchy bumps on my arms/legs. I've never heard about bedbugs before so it took me a while to figure out what it was and how to get rid of it.

I told about it to my building manager and he sent pest control agent in the next day (mid-August). Two weeks later, I still had itchy bumps on my body but fewer (and I act

ually saw the bedbugs). On the evening of the same day, I put my bed/spring box away.

On Sept. 3rd 2008, the pest control agent came in again and sprayed my apartment, again. I bought a new bed (with a midbean) and everything was fine until a week ago (Oct.16).

I don't know how to get rid of it forever. I am tired of cleaning and put everything away when the pest control agent comes.

My apartment is a clean studio with hard floor and the building manager certified me that I am the only one in the building with this kind of problem..

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