1140 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94109-5608

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Currently treating for bedbugs on the 2nd floor of the apartment in my unit. Caught live adults on a mattress/box-spring set. Waiting for heat treatment, it seems that whoever reported them last year was correct in saying that the problem was not eradicated. Hoping that the heat treatment this time gets rid of the problem. Knowing which unit was reportedly infested, they seem to have moved across the hall...

Bedbugs on the second floor above the storefront. Very little evidence of them apart from the bites, building management has been responsive and brought in at least two different exterminators on three separate occasions who found nothing for at least the first two weeks. Eventually based on my desperate pleas they had the apartment heat treated, in the preparations for that I finally found one bug under my sheets. Somehow even after the supposedly infallible heat treatment they are still presen

t so next steps include sealing places they might be entering before any further treatment.

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