1050 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94109-5603

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Moved in Fall 2010. After about 2 months started waking up with bites. Searched for bed bugs on mattress but didn't find anything initially. Another month or so, found bed bugs on my mattress and the walls near my bed (it appears they were initially hidden in that area, which is why I probably didn't spot them earlier). Property management,Larmar, was quick to respond. Pest control stated the problem was most likely caused by infestation from another part of the building. They treated the apartm

ent, but fortunately I was able to move out.

Some advice on handling the situation. Be quick to act, the minute you suspect bed bugs contact your property management company. Do some research. I found links on this website and others useful (especially any city ordinances or policies on the situation- if I remember correctly, property management has a timeline in SF for responding to reports). Be persistent, if property management doesn't respond to phone calls, go and talk with them in person. If not think about taking other actions such as contacting tenant rights associations or the SF Dept of Health. Don't let the problem fester.

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Not sure what I hate more… Hookers walking the hallways or the bedbugs that have somehow found refuge in my apartment.
Divas, which is located across the street, is home to transgender romantic getaways. They seem to think 1050 post is their hotel above the bar.
1050 Post is now contaminated by bedbugs. How do I know? Because myself along with at least 4 other tenants have fallen victim to their attacks. Proof? Red spots all over your body and the constant urge to itc


Home sweet home

Called management company (Laramar) and they say they are working on it.
To date no action has been taken.

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