1051 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94109-5602

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these apartments have had a problem with bedbugs in the past, but since the new owner has taken over the building theres a pest control guy that will come out twice a month if you have bedbugs/pests. They've been good to us. We found one cockroach in our apartment, but none since. I dunno, what building in downtown hasn't had a problem with bedbugs at one point? Plus, I've been told that bedbugs are brought into an apartment by people, so keep your stuff clean and dont bring in furniture/bums of

f the street and you should be fine! haha.

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I use to live here and the apartments have ROACHES, MICE and BEDBUGS!!!! and not only that the neighborhood is awful, There was a stabbing infront of the building and a killing around the corner on Polk and Geary. The apartments are full of bedbugs and the neighborhood is full of prostitutes, drug dealers and addicts!! Be careful

There are bed bugs at this Apt building. Every night i feel these bites all over my feet and legs once i grabbed what was biting me and it was a clear bed bugs which are the babies, They are coming out of the floors and walls, I use bug spray all the time and nothing kills them. The bites hurt and sting.

One morning I woke up and I had all these red welts on the top of my hands and I was not sure what they were. I thought I caught some weird infection. I went to the Doctor and they said it looked like bug bites, I have never heard of bed bugs and I never ever have had them. So I did a search on the net and bed bugs came up and they said there would be blood stains on the sheets and sure enough I found blood stains on my sheets and I saw a bug on the wall so I check my mattress and the mattress h

ad all these bud bugs and I freaked! I poured bleach 0n them and it burned them alive and I moved out! I heard from other people that still live there that other Apartments have bed bugs as well.

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At this location there are 3 apartments that have bed bugs, The tenants all have moved because the management/owner never did anything about it. The place still has bed bugs. Beware of renting here!

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