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THIS PLACE IS DISGUSTING! My husband and I lived there two years ago and I happened to be extremely allergic to bed bugs- however I had no idea they were bed bugs at first since I never had them in the past. When the exterminator came to "investigate" he couldn't find anything and accused me of having sensitive skin and that food crumbs probably were the culprit. Just before leaving he found a bug nestled in the screw hole of our bed. When I reported the issue , not knowing the entire apartme

nt building was completely infested, I cooperated bagged up the entire apartment, got rid of tons of stuff, found our own place to stay while the treatment was happening, finally unpacked and 2 weeks late more crazy infected bites! In retrospect I should have totally sued the pants of these assholes, they know exactly what is going on, and the whole complex and surrounding neighbor buildings are way too risky to live in. DON"T DO IT! IT SHOULD BE BURNED!

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My ex-girlfriend lives here and when she first moved in, she had all of these random bites that we couldn't figure out. Sure enough they were bed bug bites and my first night in her new place, I had about 18 bites on my body in total. I took pictures and looked them up online. Having never actually seen a bed bug (or the black spots they tell you to look for) in her apartment we went crazy trying to figure out if that is what was actually going on. Then, one day after they were called to spray f

or the bugs, she found a dead one. I was still not totally convinced and I wanted to actually see one alive to believe it and then one afternoon, in broad daylight, low and behold, a bed bug went crawling across the floor along the side of the bed (from the wall behind the bed), crawled up into the mattress and tried to tuck itself between the mattress and the box spring. I grabbed a paper towel and put it in a plastic baggie. I could not believe I saw one in the middle of the day. Since then, she had found several of them. Her place was sprayed- gosh a half dozen times- and EVERY time we had to pack EVERYTHING up and put it in the kitchen (where they don't spray). It was like the equivalent of moving. Imagine packing your ENTIRE place as if you were about to move out...on a bi-weekly basis pretty much. I honestly don't know if they came twice a month to spray or just once, I just remember it was frequent and a pain in the ass, not to mention you have to strip the ENTIRE bed and wash and dry on high heat all of the bedding. She purchased those mattress protectors that don't allow the bugs into the mattress. The protectors were about $200 each. She got rid of her couch and when she moves, she's leaving everything behind pretty much. This all happened over the spread of about a year or more from fall of 2010 when she moved in. We have not been bitten in a while, but she has them spray and goes through all of the hassle. If she had to do it all over again, she would most certainly NOT have moved in. The trauma of these bed bugs, the expense of the mattress protectors, furniture, special zip lock bags that she has to keep ALL of her things in at all times, is NOT worth it. She lives like she's moving out in a week because she doesn't want to risk her things getting infested.

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DO NOT LISTEN OR BELIEVE THE ABOVE "ANTI-POST" So....... thank you soooooo much, either Kai or any other of the Davis Paul Managment (including one of the actual last name "Paul" of said management??) For posting that last long anti statement for what is really goin on in this building.

in the first 3 days of moving in both I and my partner were bitten so badly that my we began becoming infected. Within a day of finding these bites (obvious bed bug bites) we proceeded to meet and speak with

all surrounding neighbors, who respectivley informed us that the building has had a problem for @ lest tha past 5 years. And by the way this was told by not only neighbors who have lived in the building for over 2 decades but by neighbors who have moved in as recent as a year ago.

All (15 tenants thus far) have stated that they have ha d MAJOR BED BUG PROBLEMS multiple times since moving in to the building.

Sooooo.... If any body who reads this is smart at all they will realize that #1. The "Anti Post" was obviously written by a member of management for the building, or #2........ well????


ALSO!!!!!! For any employees of said property management company, the whole building is in a current process of collecting signetures stating that we have all had problems, and also reviewing a class action lawsuit with backin of the Fair Housing Commision, if no action is taken to "SRAY THE WHOLE BUILDING AT ONCE, AS IS REGULAR POLICY AND ACTION TO RID THE BUILDING FOR GOOD."

So I hope we all learned something

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DO NOT MOVE IN THIS PLACE! I moved in here and three months later was being eaten alive, had to throw away all of my stuff (EVERYTHING), and had to find a new fully furnished place. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. Crooked and corrupt management company (Davis Paul Management).

we have not had them for 7 years. i've lived here for 8, and the first case popped up (oddly) the same time there was a front page story in the new york times on the problem in nyc... about 5 years ago. the entire building has not been infested for these 5 years—amazingly the treatment works if the tenant is cooperative. i encourage people to ask about bedbugs in any building they are moving into; it's a scourge throughout the city. if there is a building in this zip code that has not had

them, they're lying to you.

somehow i've managed to maintain a bed-bug-free apartment in this building (as have others) by following suggestions like putting my bed legs in glass. most tenants who have had them had one case which was treated successfully.

i would also advise anyone reading this to let management know immediately about the bugs (rather than wait 2 weeks like the above anonymous poster) and to prepare as instructed. if you do not cooperate fully with the exterminator they cannot fully do their job. and if an offer seems too good to be true? it probably is. this is a problem in all apartment buildings in the area; it would behoove you to read up on the nasty little critters and how to prevent an infestation.

and if you find a building that has never had them... do let me know. i'll move there immediately.

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This building is infested. They have been dealing with them for over 7 years now. The building is nasty and filthy. Dont get lured in buy the 500 deposit and the 1,000 off rent in the 1st month!! its a scam !!! this place is nasty .

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