1500 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94109-4606

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I am completely beside myself right now because I have bed bug bites on my arms, neck, chest and leg. I noticed them on the 8th day of our vacation just before boarding a plane for home. There were two beds in the room and I seem to be the only one that was bitten. My biggest concern is our home. We unpacked our luggage in the basement and began washing it immediately. I am hoping that all I have is bites and that is it because I don't want them in my home. Our room was on the 8th floor of

the hotel.

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4 night 9/9/2011 got bed bud bits all over my body

Stayed there one night, February 12th. Woke early and found a bug on the pillow. When I pulled back and inspected the sheets, I found numerous old small blood spots that had previously been washed. I also found new fresh blood spots from my stay. I did everything possible to prevent bringing them home, but now am infested with bed bugs at my house. We did notify the front desk, they said they would quarntine the room and check it out. We are at a loss, and wonder if the motel is responsibl

e to take care of the critters we brought home from our visit with them?

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