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August 12, 2008

You think bedbugs are only in the TL? Oh no, they're in Russian Hill too.

About 3 months ago, I woke up with welts on my leg. I was in shock. I honestly thought bed bugs were some sort of myth used in a nursery rhyme, so I assumed they were spiders. Soon after my roommate started getting bits too. Once again, we assumed they were spiders or mosquitos although we never saw either.

One week ago, my roommate went on an early run, came back and there they were, 2 bugs cr

awling on her wall and floor. She squeezed one and blood came out. Immediately googled it and there it was, bed bugs.

We CLEANED everything, inspected our mattresses, and put the powder around. Still bites. We called Ensure Pest Control who came out a couple days ago and sprayed our rooms. he immediately found bugs, but they were tiny. There was no way we would have found them. There weren't a ton and they weren't everywhere (I think a common misconception of bed bugs). Anyway, the guy is going to come out again next week.

Also I'm moving in a few weeks and scared to take ANYTHING. If anyone has any "success" stories, PLEASE email me SFgirlinRH@gmail.com

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