1150 Greenwich St
San Francisco, CA 94109-1507

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Greenwich inn stayed one night. The worst time ever! You can't beat the price for a location but you'll get what you paid for and for the savings you'll get bed bugs bites. Terrible! I thought I got like 10 bites in the morning but close to noon I discovered that all my body is itching and new bite places uncovered. Awful feelings. Stay away cheap motels, sometime that extra 20-40 dollars is worth paying instead of experiencing bed bug bites. Terrible, awful, painful. Greenwich inn - stay away!

Bed bugs!

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Four unit apartment building. We discovered bed bugs in our apartment in July 2010. Bed bugs were found in the couch, nightstands, and on the walls. Later we learned other apartments in the building also had bed bugs. Bed bug sniffing dogs were brought in and the building was treated using intense heat. It was quite a hassle as many things needed to be removed for the heat treatment. It seems to have been effective in killing the bed bugs so far. What a nightmare.

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