525 Stockton St
San Francisco, CA 94108

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525 Stockton Street, Apartment 404.


When I first started noticing bites, I thought they were from mosquitoes. Realized that wasn't the case and reached out to management.

The process was arduous, to make the long story short. A lot of my stuff was ruined and I spent so many evenings washing clothes and sorting through stuff. The feeling was terrible too, sleeping was never the same, because you tend to become paranoid.

The place was sprayed (I left the p

lace for a couple days each time) eight times. I wish I had known the place might have bed bugs. I would have never ever moved in.

I wouldn't wish this problem on anyone.

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Around June or July 2012, another tenant asked me in the elevator if I'd heard of bedbugs in the building. I said no and she told me she'd heard that at least 2 or 3 units (out of 28) had reported them.

I started noticing bites near the end of September 2012 and promptly got mattress covers and rented a Rug Doctor. When I went to install the covers, I found small multigenerational colonies of bedbugs at each corner of the boxspring. I doused all that I saw with rubbing alcohol (they melt inst

antly!) then soaked the rest of the boxspring with it, quickly zipped it up in a Bed Bug Blockade brand mattress sack, and texted the bldg manager to notify him of the problem. He set up an exterminator visit for the following Monday, and I left work to be there when they came.

The exterminator arrived today armed with an old-school pump-type exterminator's spray pot in one hand and a standard retail can of otc Bedlam in the other. I asked him several questions about how deep my infestation might be, how to avoid recurrences after spraying, and so on. He shrugged them all off and literally answered every question with, "Don't worry, I'll spray." He insisted I leave the apartment while he sprayed and not return for at least 2.5 hours to allow the toxic fumes to settle.

When I left, I asked the manager by text when the follow-up visit is planned, and he said he'd arrange it if one becomes needed. I replied that one is already needed and formally requested a follow-up visit in 10 to 15 days. No reply to the request yet, nor have I gone back home to inspect the results of the spraying.

That was today, 10/1/2012. If the bugs come back, so will I.

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