701 Taylor St
San Francisco, CA 94108-3807

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12/2012 - Bed bugs in this building. Management does not respond in a timely and professional manner. Some of the individuals are elderly in this building and cannot properly take care of themselves and this leads to more problems.

I currently am a resident and have encountered bed bugs in my unit on the top floor. The current live-in apartment manager is very responsive (has been managing this place only about 6-8 months ago as this complex did not have a live-in apt manager when I moved in about 1.75 years ago). I was bitten by bed bugs 3 weeks ago and then I bought a number of products from Bed Bath and Beyond to kill the bugs. At this time, I wasn't 100% sure the bites were from bed bugs. In any case the problem went a

way until now. This time I notified the apartment manager and he responded immediately to arranged for the exterminator. The problem is the owner of this complex won't do a whole building extermination even though the apt manager had requested to do so. Then I also found out that the unit right below my unit was recentl exterminated for bed bugs. Clearly, the bugs are moving around the building from one unit to another. As for me, after this bed bug/extermination problem is resolved, I'll likely to start to look for a new apartment. It's obvious that this whole complex is infested and the owner is refusing to take care of it. Do not rent here!!!

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I stayed at Taylor Suites in October of 2009 for business. Two of my co workers also stayed here in different rooms. I started to get small itchy bumps on my skin about one week into staying here. I had heard about bed bugs, but because I had not seen any in the room I assumed that it was something else. Then I finshed showering one day and found a bed bug on my towel. I tried to get a hold of the apartment manager and the manager was very unresponsive and did not get back to me until a few

days later. They had an exterminator check out my room and the rooms of my co workers and all of the rooms had bed bugs. The apartment management claimed to have check other rooms and said that they found nothing, but I doubt that they actually checked. The apartment management paid for nothing when it came to bed bug remediation expenses and my employer was stuck footing the bill for things such as: new luggage, cleaning of all of my clothes, a new place to stay at a higher rate, etc. I would never stay here or at any of the other properties that this company manages ever again!

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2/26/10 - After having "skin rashes" show up for months, and becoming increasingly worse, my girlfriend and I went to the doctor. My doctor thought it might be psoriasis and prescribed a steriord cream to see if that would "treat it". My girlfriend's doctor initially misdiagnosed it as well, but then asked her if she had bites on her breasts and toes (which she did). He thought it was scabies, and prescribed treatment.

I immediately checked the bed and found the first of hundreds of bedbug

s. They were hiding underneath the box spring (in the flap between the fabric and the black material at the bottom, and nested in several things stored under the bed.

I found out through our building manager that there have been many infestations in the building, including several active (and untreated) ones on the third floor. There have also been numerous infestations on every floor except the top one. We have never been notified about this.

Half of the units are long time residents, and half of them have been recently remodeled to be furnished "monthly" rentals usually to foreign exchange students or business travelers.

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