737 Pine St
San Francisco, CA 94108-3109

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Had a few bites, which first thought was just rash, or mosquito bites, but after a few days, there was a trail of clear bites on the side that i slept on, on the couch.
Had friends over to hang out the week after, and they all had bites as well.

In a corporate housing situation.

When opening the pull out couch, there was a sock in there (not mine)

Also found a blanket, (not mine) under the bed, which I rather not touch.

Ever since Laramar SF Urban took over the Nob Hill Suites, 737 Pine Street, it has been a wonderful experience. They answer our calls and maintenance requests with a sense of urgency. Urban Suites Collection is the furnished division and with them being here the building is taken care of every day. The sidewalks are washed outside daily, the common areas are vacumned, the glass is cleaned on the front doors. The place is kept super clean! It saddens me to have people in this building always harp

ing on Laramar and Urban Suites. They are here to help us and I am not quite sure why the tenants are so mean to them. I guest you can not please everyone. I hope Laramar and Urban is here to stay. Thank you for all you do for us at the Nob Hill Suites!

A very pleased Tenant!

PS There are bed bugs in all apartments in the city. It does not just come from hotels or Corporate Apartments.

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It should be noted that this address - 737 Pine Street -- is also known as the Nob Hill Suites, part of the Urban Suites Collection, which is a sub-brand of Laramar SF Urban, which is a division of Laramar Group.
Moreover, the property is also affiliated with Marriott ExecuStay.
So it should also be listed as a hotel here.


Thanks for what you are doing here - silence and lies are making this plague worse.

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September 2010
Bed bugs are now in units where they were not in 2009. The building is half transient tenants (furnished corporate suites). Regular tenants believe the bug problem is due to the comings and goings of "suites guests".

There have been reports in recent months (2009) of bed bugs in at least five units on different floors in this building. Building owners have hired exterminators for a heat treatment, but tenants are displaced/inconvenienced for two days.

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