700 Mason St
San Francisco, CA 94108-2905

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Stayed here as a sublet in unit #4 in December - January 2014/2015. The bed was a loft style, built about 10 ft above the floor - we didn't notice anything until my bf fell asleep on the couch one week while I was out of town.

He had several bites, and after checking the couch pillows, we found 10-15 full grown bed bugs. We used tape to pick up a few of them and save them in a bag for proof. The landlord was the WORST and didn't believe us at first, then blamed us when we provided proof.

We've NEVER experienced bed bugs before and literally had to google "things biting me in the couch" (bed bugs came up on top) to figure out what they were!

They had an exterminator come in, and confirm they were bed bugs. I showed him where they were hiding out in the couch and they scheduled to come back 3x. The first week, they didn't spray because they claimed we didn't prep the place right, but he wanted us to remove the couch cushions which was where they were living.

We put our clothes in the dryer on high for 45 min, bought Nuvan pesticide strips for our non-washable items and moved out of there.

It was basically the worst experience ever - the landlord was unsympathetic and a total jerk about the whole experience.

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