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On 08/17/10, my roommate and I woke up with several bug bites. Upon inspection of my mattress, I found a bug and evidence of other bugs.
On 08/19/10, we notified and landlord, and were advised to schedule a "Bug-Terminators-X"* inspection. *Cleverly disguised name of major pest control co.
On 08/21/10, "Bug-Terminators-X" inspected our apartment, and confirmed a minor infestation in one bedroom.
On 08/23/10, we found that there had been a major infestation upstairs in our building, from anot

her tenant. The tenant said the infestation occurred approx. 4 months ago, when she rented furniture from the landlord. They treated her apt. three times. *The landlord never notified any of the other tenants.*
On 08/24/10, "Bug-Terminators-X" treated apartment.
From 08/27 - 09/05/10, my roommate and I were out of town (in the scorching hot desert.)
On 09/12/10 - I woke up with bites, found another bug.
on 09/14/10, our landlord told us to schedule another treatment with "Bug-Terminators-X".
On 09/20/10, I talked with "Bug-Terminators-X", and notified the manager of our concerns about the thoroughness of the treatment. They seemed surprised that a follow-up was necessary.
On 09/22/10, "Bug-Terminators-X" performed 2nd apartment treatment.
On 09/24/10, I woke up with bites, and found another bug on mattress.
On 09/27/10, I emailed our landlord to let her know that a 3rd treatment would be necessary, and that we wanted feedback from her on how the problem would be eradicated.
09/28/10, I emailed the "Bug-Terminators-X" manager regarding our concerns about inconsistencies in our treatment expectations, and the information provided to us by the technician.
On 09/29/10, our landlord responded to my email, refusing to accept any responsibility for the infestation, accused us of not doing our part to remedy the problem, refused to have another treatment done. She said "If you are not happy please feel free to move."
Tomorrow, my roommate and I are going to a San Francisco Tenants Union Drop-In clinic to discuss our issues. We just hope to get another treatment, and get out with our deposit fully refunded at this point.

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