288 9th St
San Francisco, CA 94103-3807

Found 4 reports:

11/1/11. Over heard tenants talking about seeing bed bugs in the building. Mattresses have been left out in the alley behind our apartment for days. Few days later found a bedbug in my apartment and my friend has probably bedbug bites after sleeping on my couch. There has been no public talk of this situation. After speaking with management several other tenants have been receiving treatment for weeks.

The building has been quiet for a while, with no new infestations. Some people didn't tell the other tenants about what was going on, but luckily they got rid of the ones they found early enough. The tenant who was bringing them in has moved and hopefully we will not have to worry about this again.

As of 10/16 , 2 more units have reported an infestation that has traveled from the apartments above them. The management requests a meeting at their office, with the Health Department on 10/31.
Seems a little late to chase the horse that's on the run.

bedbugs in 4 units that we know of and traveling fast. As of today they have not taken action on the entire building to fix the problem.

No nearby bug reports