757 Natoma St
San Francisco, CA 94103-2731

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This building on the first floor apartment is infested with bed bugs. When I visited my boyfriend there between Mar-Jun 2011, I would get major bed bug bites when I slept over. During my prior visits there from Dec 2010 - Mar 2011, I do not recall getting bitten. I visited yesterday June 5, 2011 and got a bed bug bite on my hand in the daytime. These bed bugs are very vicious and/or populous at this location to come out in the daytime. 

I wear a different set of clothes when I visit so as

not to bring the bed bugs back to my apartment. I change into the clothes as soon as I get there, tucking the pant legs into my socks and shirt into the pants and long sleeves. This must be why I got bitten on my hand - the only exposed skin.  I take a shower before I leave his place and put my other clothes back on. When I get back to my apartment, I take another shower and if I don't wash my hair, I at least put it through the dryer on high heat. I put my clothes in the laundry with diatomaceous earth. Not sure these precautions are doing much - my apartment may already be infested as I didn't do these precautions till May. The main thing I have been doing since April is just not visiting his apartment if I can help it. And, I spray down the seat of my car after my boyfriend sits on the chair. If my boyfriend wants to see me at my place, he has to put all his clothes and shoes in a plastic bag immediately on entering and take a full shower. He is not affected by the bed bugs (he either doesn't get bitten or doesn't have the skin reaction to bites).

My boyfriend has sprayed his sleeping area with Costco bed bug spray, done some laundering of bedding, and sprinkled diatomaceous earth in the areas around the sleeping area. This has perhaps done little as I still got bitten.

As far as I know, my boyfriend has not reported the infestation to the landlord. The building is set to be structurally refurbished in July 2011 and my boyfriend has to move out. Thank goodness. Hopefully, the refurbishment includes bed bug pesticide treatment but as no one has reported it to the landlord, the landlord probably won't do anything. Hopefully my boyfriend moves into a non-infested place and takes care not to bring the bed bugs with him. Hopefully, he chooses not to return to 757 Natomas in Oct 2011 unless he is sure the landlord has done pesticidal treatment of the building during the structural treatment. But, hey, if he, the tenant, doesn't report the bed bugs, the landlord isn't going to do anything!

These bed bugs have seriously put a strain on our relationship and I will break up my boyfriend if his new place in July is infested or if he is lax on treating and brings the infestation to his new place. If he moves back into 757 Natoma in Oct 2011 without the place being bed bug treated, I will also dump him. And, I have told him as much.  As he hasn't written this simple letter I drafted for the landlord, it appears my boyfriend wants to be dumped over bed bugs.
Dear Landlord,
I am writing to you to inform you of a bed bug and general insect infestation at my apartment at 757 Natoma, SF, CA. According to Article 11, Section 581 of SF Health Code, Directors Rules and Regulations, landlord must  respond to my report and complaint of infestation within 48hrs and act on the infestation within 72hours. I look forward to your prompt written response and immediate plan of action for treatment of this infestation.
Regards, Tenant


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