1188 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94103-1515

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I have just read the single review of Trinity Place Tower here. I am a resident of this complex, have been here since it first opened about a year ago, and I have never seen or heard of any bed bug or other infestation problem in this brand new, state of the art, apartment complex. I find the review to be totally bogus and hope this registry will remove the review from here, as it's falsity defeats the importance of this site in providing the public with truthful information. The review reads

to me as though written by someone disgruntled in not having his or her way. I'm proud of my clean, NON-infested, home here.

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This is a Brand New Building just 6 months old and already 4 separate apartments on just my floor are infested with bed bugs. We are a rent controlled building that was moved from a dilapidated old location, 1169 Market Street which was completely overrun with bedbugs, roaches, rats and every other thing you can imagine. The new building that they moved all of us into is already infested, and the best part is - you have to pay for the treatment yourself! Management says that it is your fault

for bringing the hitchhikers in from your old apartment - even though your old apartment was STILL THEIR BUILDING. It didn't help that they were too cheap to supply everyone with new boxes to pack, like they were ordered to do by the city - but made us residents re-use boxes 2 and 3 times....some of my neighbors who didn't have bedbugs before got them just from the used boxes! I have dealt with this hell for over a year and 2 separate buildings before moving finally solved MY problem.

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