1707 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94103-1218

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friend is telling me of several incidents of bits of bed bugs


This hotel is full of bed bugs. The manager pretends it is not an outgoing problem. And refuses to give a discount. A new employee told me he receives report of bed bugs every day and he has only been there a week! Stay away!

Tons of bed bugs. We captured about 5 after killing a few more and had them in a little aspirin bottle. The manager did EVERYTHING he could to divert the situation and just get us to check out and out of the lobby. We would not accept anything less than a full refund. His idea was free parking for us. We eventually got him to refund the rate for 1 night, although we were there two. This is a horrible location filled with bed bugs and terrible management. Agnes Miter is the GM and he doesn

't care at all about customers. I've worked in a hotel before and I couldn't believe how unprofessional he was handling this situation.

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On October 18 2011, I stayed at the Travel Lodge at 1701 Market Street.

I woke up itching and have dozens of bits over my body in the distinctive 2-3 bite pattern. I now see from going online there is a continuos unresolved problem with this hotel. It is quite painful and many are swollen to the size of a quarter.

Upon returning home I threw out or boil washed all clothing, and thoroughly washed and vacuumed my suitcase. Fortunately I kept everything closed the entire visit and off the gr

ound. I am now hoping there were no hitchhikers and my apartment is safe.

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I stayed 3 nights in the Travelodge and now I have dozens of bed bug bites on my arms and legs. First I thought these were mosquito bites, but then I saw the bed bugs in the bed.

I checked into the Travelodge at 1707 Market Street in SF last June 2008. The next morning I woke up and saw bedbugs crawling on the walls and in my bed. I killed everyone that was visible to the naked eye. They were gorged with my blood. Five days later I broke out with dozens if not hundreds of bites. It felt like fire. Even narcotic pain killers did little to help.

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