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Went to Crazy Horse Gentleman's Club on a week night for a friend's birthday and we sat to the left of the stage in the second row. We stayed at Crazy Horse for about two hours. My right ankle started getting itchy while seated in the main area, but I ignored it. Later on in the night my arm and stomach started itching. As soon as I got home I checked myself and found bite marks consistent with bed bug bites in the said places. To be sure I Googled images of bed bug bites. We never had bed bugs

in our apartment so my roommate advised me to check my clothing before putting them in the hamper. Well, we found a bed bug crawling inside my sweater. It was the only place I visited that night and I had never been bitten previously. The club is in the Tenderloin/Civic Center area so I guess it's no surprise that they have them. Either way, beware.

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