50 Golden Gate Ave
San Francisco, CA 94102-3919

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I started getting bites last week and then found out my neighbors were getting bitten too. This is the second time in two years that we've been treated for bedbugs. It seems like everyone in the building has had them.

I've lived at this place for six months and I'm finally moving. Aside from the crap plumbing, always losing power, never getting repairs, and poor management, bed bugs haven't been a problem of mine. Since I've lived here though, people on my floor have had them and questioned me if I had them, I've seen furniture out front several times as garbage labeled with bed bugs. This building is crap. Bed bugs are only the half of it. Just stay away from this place. I wish I would have seen this site

before I moved here!

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I recently moved into this location on the second floor a few months ago and was never informed that the entire building had a bed bug infestation...now I've spent 200 dollars on chemicals, mattress protectors, and other cleaning supplies in order to try and quarantine my bedroom from the rest of the building...management has not been much help either, I left a note a week and a half ago and called two days ago with no response other than my building manager is sick and would give me a pamphlet

on how to deal with bedbugs yesterday! And of course, he failed to do so. I've spent so much money on laundry, but I'm fairly confident the washers downstairs do not have hot water and aren't helping much. I'm tired of living out of plastic bags, my boyfriend is ready to move, and I itch all the time. Please help!

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I successfully avoided bed bugs at 50 Golden Gate Avenue for almost a year when almost all other units had them. I think it's because I had not used the communal laundry room.

They must have come through the baseboards because I found them in my bed frame in February, reported them to management, and still to this day 4/29 have spotted them in my apartment (after three professional pest control treatments).

I've thrown out all of my furniture and covered my mattress in a full zippered co

ver. What a waste of money and precious energy. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING!

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I am having to move out because it is so bad

There have been bed bugs in this building for almost a year and it's getting worse. All floors and many units have been affected.

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