57 Taylor St
San Francisco, CA 94102-3916

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I moved to San Francisco in August 2014 and moved into 57 Taylor St. At first, it was great. Aside from the sketchy location, terrible city noise, and vast assortment of people lining the street at all hours, it was home.

One month later I found a blood-filled bug on my blanket, and I assumed it was fleas from my dog. Over the next few days the bed bugs started manifesting themselves.

I double-bagged *everything*, ran all of my clothes through the dryer and vacuum-sealed them.

The manag

ement company heat-steamed my rug and mattress several times, and were surprised that the bed bugs were not gone. They then sprayed using the strong bed-bug spray, but the bugs kept coming back as they did not target any of the other units. :(

As I was moving out 3 months later, I noticed the apartment just to my left had just discovered there were bed bugs (per her shouting), and she had dragged out her mattress and accoutrements and leaned it against the wall.

I couldn't leave fast enough.

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Subdued lighting is more powerful than heat treatments. Over two years, not one negative comment or disappointment. Thanks to all. This method is for Multi-Family housing and single family.
FREE Do It Yourself (DIY) Bed Bugs Treatment, Primary, Secondary (long term) I don't ID. You'll know. Email [email protected] This information will prevent your first infestation, or provide instant relief. Bed Bugs can't climb on smooth plastic. E

ncase your mattress. Place a clear, heavy plastic sheet, between the mattress and box-spring. Plastic is on rolls at Osh hardware. The plastic overhang should be about 4 inches all around the box spring. The Bed Bugs cannot get to you and will starve within two months. Your bed must be a proper bed. No covers touching the walls, floor, except the caster wheels. Don't forget to place a plastic sheet on your favorite chair. Furthermore, this treatment works well with Subdued light.
"http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7318050308"> If, you can kill the eggs at your bed, that is the key. If you determined heat treatment is too dangerous or expensive, now what? First, Encase your bed to kill the eggs so you won't be overwhelmed. Second, Make sure there are no problems with your bed. Third, the new corral for the Bed Bugs is a dim light going 24/7 where the Bed Bugs can be drawn to and removed with masking tape. As new Bed Bugs arrive, at your home, they will move toward the light.You've heard the stories of Bed Bugs being found in bathrooms,the light used showing under the door and the nite-light will draw them in at night and keep them there. Bed Bugs are drawn to you like Bees, by your Co2. A fan moving air near your bed will mix your Co2 evenly in your bedroom, making it hard for Bed Bugs to find you. those in the Bed Bug business won't be needed anymore. Please beware and ignore biased replies from people making money from Bed Bugs. This method seems to be the Silver-Magic Bullet for Bed Bugs. This lure will provide detection, control for the home and car. The poorest people will be able to handle their infestations. This DIY project can be done for a very small cost of parts. This is a very Green method, no chemicals. For all living places and whole-house treatment, the hallways will become giant traps.Bed Bugs will move to ceilings and walls by natural light and Subdued light. The lights are there; a $5.00 dimmer switch is needed. Lightly place DE on hall traffic areas where people put their foot down. When the Bed Bugs stop arriving at the light, they're gone. If you have total control, you'll have complete relief. The Dim lights double for night lights and Bed Bug control. Bed Bugs are not exclusively Nocturnal. When Subdued light is used as a lure, this will lead to the downfall of Bed Bugs. Bed Bugs like darkness and subdued light. When you provide light, they will go there. Search Google... Bed Bugs+ Subdued light. Insects having negative phototaxis show an identical reaction, when they are subjected to a rapid increase of light. The bedbug is, as we know, energetically photophobic; it hides in the darkest cracks and leaves only during the night. In the daytime, says Bohn, if an accident has brought it from the shade into the light, it immediately executes a rotation of 180 degrees, which brings it into the shadow. On a sheet of paper, it walks away from the luminous rays and turns about when one holds a candle toward it.It is very difficult,adds Bohn,to make a bedbug which is on a black paper pass over upon a piece of white paper. Anytime a Bed Bug is startled with a handheld candle or light of course it's going to run and hide. A Bed Bug chooses a white paper over other colors when not disturbed. Negative phototaxis testing is flawed. Bed Bugs have Positive Phototaxis. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bed bugs, a 1937 Leaflet No. 146, Great 8 pages, stating,Bedbugs are normally nocturnal. When the lights are out they emerge from their daytime hiding places and seek to feed upon their host. Sometimes, when very hungry, they will feed during the daytime in subdued light. Their normally nocturnal habit is modified necessarily when they infest furniture in rest rooms in stores, theater seats, desks in offices, and similar situations that are not frequented by man throughout the night. In such places, bedbugs often bite persons during the day.Bed Bug Statements: Bed bugs are nocturnal, but may feed during the day in areas with reduced lighting such as theaters when no hosts are present at night. Currently. Cornell University says, Bed bugs can be enticed to bite during the day if light is subdued, and they are hungry. Bed Bugs are a DIY situation. If you have them, you're doing something wrong. Your and anyone else's Bed Bugs are their fault. •Location: worldwide Our Subdued lighting has now been turned off. 09-10-2013 I'm a DIY expert, I don't receive money for service. Try it. Progress against Bed Bugs is up to the Public.

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Bed bug bites discovered November 28, 2014

Single treatment applied Dec 6 and
Landlord has yet to offer 2nd and 3rd treatment 1 month later. As well there are cockroaches and infestation of another unidentified bug.

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