454 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA 94102-3607

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This building has bed bugs. I had to move it. The landlord tried to spray, but it didn't work. I had to sign an agreement to silence any communication of a infestation when I was under a tenant and under lease. Therefore no one else knew of others infestation problems, which were caused in the case of my apt by another building tenant. It was awful! There were bugs migrating all over the apt. They were in the walls and even in light fixtures, photo frames, curtains, sheets. I had to get rid of a

brand new mattress set and bed frame. I had them for over 6 months. They creeped up all over even when you thought they were gone, the bugs came back. The landlord NEVER reimbursed me. They were really nice managers, but only interested in a rent check.

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This building has bed bugs. Several people have moved leaving their furniture behind. I had to leave furniture behind because it became infested. The building manger has weekly bed bug inspections due to the problem, yet the bugs won't leave and the managers haven't tried to get an exterminator. They didn't notify me that my neighbors in the building had bugs and claimed not to be aware of a bug problem.

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