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I've been infested for about 4 months. I thought I was getting bitten by mosquitoes. Until I found discarded bedbug "skin" on my comforter--I had looked them up on the internet before and learned all about them.. So the first 2 months I was in denial, the last (almost) 2 months they've sprayed 4 times. They go away for a week or two then I'm bitten again. Management is very good and appear to be trying to alleviate the problem. They are very attentive and supportive but I just ca

nnot take it any longer so I'm moving. ****note: I have been here over three years and this JUST began 4 months ago.*** I was planning on moving this summer anyway. I pray I don't take them with me. I've thrown out half my clothes and shoes. I'm going to freeze my tv and laptop.

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