118 Taylor St
San Francisco, CA 94102-2803

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I moved in the month of April 2011. They told me they had no rooms left as desperate as I was they brought up an empty room which was actually occupied by someone who had just used needles for their amusement in which was left underneath the dirty blanket on the floor. There was no bed, and a busted up sink that was left on the floor and told me I was to pay 650.00 a month. We made arrangements for them to come in and replace my sink give me a bed set and go from there. Well a 2 weeks have gone

by and still no sink, no bed...etc. so I finally took it upon myself to stop paying them rent after waiting 2 months and decided to seek out an Attorney who handles this kind of situation... I've had to fight for pest control to fumigate my room because of the used bed set they brought me I started geetting bed bugs everywhere. I've fought to have maintenance fix my room but to this day this building is still and always will be infested. The men use the women's community restrooms and leave it disgustingly unusable...there is no regular house keeper, there are tenants who have more than 1 pitbull in their room... there's constant domestic arguments and abuse and management does nothing. I have called 911 on many occasions and still these tenants are disruptive, loud, disrespectful, and there is constant drug trafficing from morning til the next morning non stop... luckily I have my lil dog to alert me on the evilness these tenants bring and he let's them know to stay away from my room. Even though I have contact the health bldg inspector on many occasions, nothing really has not been done. To this day, I still do not have a closet door... I have already filed a law suit against the warfield and I'm just waiting for the outcome.

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I moved in mid-April 2012. I had already asked management about bed bug infestations prior to moving into the unit and they assured me that the mattress in my unit was new and there aren't any bugs. The day I moved in, I looked over the mattress with two friends and sure enough we found not only evidence of bed bugs (their droppings all over the corners in the seams) but we also discovered several live bed bugs. I immediately moved the mattress out of my unit with the frame into the hallway and

told management. They didn't replace my mattress with a new clean one and they appear to be ignorning the issue. Every other day there are bed bug infested mattresses in the hallways all around the building. And bed bugs aren't the only infestation problem to worry about, there are also very active roach and mouse infestations throughout the entire building. Nothing has been done for years, and it does not look like they plan on addressing the infestations any time soon.

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Profuse infestation at this SRO. Two clients of mine (I am a social work case manager) have reported extended problems with bedbugs. The management is complete unresponsive, despite visits by the SF Dept of Public Health's orders to fix the problem and spray regularly.

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