589 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94102-1228

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I booked this hotel on hotels.com and the photos and reviews do reflect reality. This place was nothing more than a flop house. You could smell marijuana at times in the bathroom hallway and I also got a bad case of bed bugs. Stay somewhere else!!!

I live here at the Post Hotel and let me tell you the bed bugs are out of control. And the management of the building are too busy strong-arming the residents about the rent or petty bullshit like a nine year olds pet guinea pigs to actually hire a competent exterminator. If they would put a tenth of their efforts towards the needs of the people that actually live and stay at the Post then I would be writing a much nicer review...But unfortunately I can't point out any good points since these n

ew owners took over the building approximately three years ago. These people hire uncontracted labor for all upkeep and maintenance of the building. The pest control guy does a half-assed job...Matter of fact...I don't even think HE knows what he is doing. I can't imagine how the building practices get through the cities code enforcement and now with the bedbugs...Yet another thing to be handled in the least professional and cheapest of methods. They took a nice place and turned it into a hostel over run by tourists who are here to party. So if you want to stay: it's nice if you like kids playing soccer outside your door at 3a.m. or hanging out on the fire escapes and lounging in the foyer or even better: the bed bugs. Lets not forget the roaches but that just comes with the price of the room I guess.

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