929 E El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-3740

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Started Sep. 3rd 2010 I had numerous bites under arms and could not figure out what bit me... On the 6th I was taking afternoon nap in the sofa, found myself itchness on my lower back and made me woke up around 5 PM. I inspected my shirt carefully and found small flat round brown bug crawing. I tried pop the bug with my finger and it didn't poped, I actually used my fingernail to cut the body in half and saw human (my) blood. I looked internet and realize it was freakin bed bug! I lived 15 years

in my condo and this was first encounter of such bug and did not take any trips or visitor in my house for more than 2 month... I don't know where we got this bed bug...
Down/up stairs??? I called exterminator... Hopefully this will be taken care.

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