2918 Ruby Dr
Fullerton, CA 92831-3220

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Serrento California Apartments- is infested with bed bugs. I found out because the tenants next to me were international students. Approx 5-10 students at one time. Apparently they were infested with them. I saw the exterminator go into their apartment. I asked what he was there for. He said they were infested with bed bugs and roaches. I was wondering why my children and I were getting bit all of a sudden. We thought it was spiders. When I stated vaccuming the sofa then I found the b

ed bugs. Not realizing what they were i asked the exterminator to come and do a bug inspection. He confimed it. I was livid. I complained to the management that since they evicted the students and exterminating that I have been now infested with these critters. They did not notify the other adjoining tennants about it. Their excuse was they were containing it. Well bugs 101 and the internet can tell you that they are in the walls and pipe of buildings too. Unless they tent the buildings I will still have them. Their solution is to just spray. But since they still have the infected carpeting in the vacant apartment and they are not tenting the building they will still be there. As far as the roaches I have not seen any yet. I had to purchase so much out of my pocket. At least over $400.00 in expenses on Containers and Jumbo Storage Bags, Novan Strips, Bed Bug Supply kit off the internet because anything from Walmart, home depot etc. does not work. A Steamer to steam my sofa. I even been seeing more tennants throw away couches at the dumpsters more recently. Once i can afford to move out I will have to purchase a new living room set and bedrooms set.
Management has changed so much that it's gone down hill within the past year that I moved in. And before I signed the lease I asked the question Is there any problems with roaches or any infestations here? I was told no.

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Serrento Apartments in Fullerton. End of February we got an outbreak in our apartment. The management is going to make us pay for it. We are extremely clean but are now stuck with the bed bugs...

This apartment community requires you to sign a form stating that you do not have bed bugs and they obviously have them in the buildings.

When we moved in they replaced all the carpet and am wondering if previous tenants had the bugs...

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