900 S Disneyland Dr
Anaheim, CA 92802-1844

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I'm an infrequent guest of the Anaheim Sheraton hotel.

I do not travel other than to Disneyland, and do not stay in any other hotels / motels on that trip.

In mid October 2011, I stayed at the Sheraton.
I was aware of this site, and others that warned of bedbugs on the rise. When I arrived in the hotel room, I looked between the mattresses, headboard, and sheets for any evidence of bedbugs. I saw nothing.

Two days after I returned home from my last stay at the Sheraton, I actually

saw and caught an adult bedbug slowly crawling up my bathroom wall early one morning.
My son had multiple bites from the night before.

I caught it with clear packing tape, and taped it to a blank white index card.

It was verified to be an adult bedbug by a Terminix technician.

I called the Sheraton, and explained that I only wanted to inform them that I must have gotten the bedbug from their hotel.

Again, I told them I do not travel or stay elsewhere at all. I told them I am a happy customer, and I also told them I in no way wanted anything in compensation, nor was I angry at the hotel. I just wanted them to know and take any action they felt necessary to protect the hotel.

I was told by a higher up person that they had inspected our room with bedbug trained dogs, removed carpets, mattresses, etc, and they found nothing.

The Terminix technician said that there was no way the Sheraton would claim otherwise as to protect themselves.

The Terminix technician asked if I had used the dresser to store clothing, and if I had inspected that before using it. I said I did use it, and I didn't inspect that before using it.

He seemed to think that was the way I got them.

Well, fortunately, all worked out well.
We had the house sprayed in multiple rooms, and bagged EVERYTHING in the house. Everything that could be laundered, was.

So far, we are (knock on wood) bedbug free.

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