4697 51st St, Apt 2
San Diego, CA 92115-3404

Found 3 reports:

The pest company came in on 3/14. I didn't sleep at the place until 3/15. Woke up at 6am 3/16 and caught 1 on my right shoulder. Spoke to the Pest Company (Mann vs Pest) and the manager said that it takes a little bit of time for them to die, some die right away some die in a bit. He also said that they can't kill them ALL because they hide in between the cracks. It is now 3/19 and have not seen or felt a bug yet. I hope the treatment got rid of the bugs!!

Moved in 3/3, started getting bites on 3/5. Called the manager and he is having the pest control people come and clean it up. will update more after the exterminators come.

Bed bugs came from apt. above Apt #7 had to pay for spaying. Slum load didn't pay for spaying. Moved out ASAP.

No nearby bug reports